This Time of Life is Meant for Savages

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Image of This Time of Life is Meant for Savages

“The place I am taking you is dark and ruined, but I don’t tell you that. I say, ‘Look at the lamplight,’ when what I mean is, ‘Find a way to blot out the ghosts.’”

In "This Time of Life is Meant for Savages", Leonie Rowland takes us to the darkest—and most tender—corners of existence. This collection of stories, prose poems, and photographs surveys the full range of human emotions. Anger gives way to sadness, sex gives way to death, melancholy gives way to connection. Rowland's narrators grapple with a lack of certainty and identity, set against a backdrop of liminal spaces: waiting rooms, airports, convention centres. Her breathtaking second collection takes us on a journey of how we might find escape inside of excess—and how moments of horror might be interspersed, against all odds, with peace.


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